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One-to-One Performance Coaching

Our One-to-one Performance Coaching programs:

  • The Kick-Start – Our one month coaching program is designed for those who need to kick-start a program or initiative within their business unit or need a safe place to further develop a plan of action for an issue, opportunity, or challenge.

  • The Accelerator – Our three month coaching program is available for those who want to begin their coaching experience with a longer coaching engagement. We’re here to help you move to the next level!

  • The Momentum - This six month program is ideal for leaders and managers who desire support on a longer term basis, perhaps implementing a major change, developing a new idea, or working through a significant team challenge.

Prior to engaging in any coaching relationship, we use our unique on-boarding process where the leader and coach are matched with one of nine potential Vision Coaches to ensure the best fit.


When working with a leader in a One-to-One Performance Coaching engagement, our overall goal is to:

  • provide responses and/or questions to direct the leader towards their own solution or goal
  • assist in the development of an implementable action plan that moves the solution or goal forward
  • create accountability to sustain momentum that keeps the leader moving forward with the desired solution or goal.

All of our coaching engagements include:

  • Our on-boarding process to ensure a best fit between coachee and coach
  • An intake questionnaire to achieve clarity and focus for the coachee and coach
  • Recommend assessments, as required
  • Weekly or bi-weekly 30 to 60 minute scheduled coaching sessions
  • Unlimited coach access between scheduled sessions
  • Development of a plan of action
  • Administrative support

Take your career to the next level with One-to-one performance coaching.


Our coaching experience promises…

  • Confidentiality
  • Honest and straightforward feedback
  • Supportive accountability
  • A total commitment to partnering in your success

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