Ian Lucas

Ian Lucas
B.Sc., A.P.M.R.
Chief Operating Officer

Ian’s career started in pharmaceutical sales before progressing to sales management and then marketing. He worked in the United States for 6 years for Searle Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacia Corp. and Pfizer, developing international marketing strategies for new products.

Ian led the development and launch of Celebrex® for cancer prevention.

In 2003, Ian joined Ocean Nutrition Canada® and led the commercialization of many nutraceutical ingredient products.

Notably, Ian led the development of the MEG-3® consumer branded fish oil ingredient which achieved 70% market share. During his time with ONC company sales rose from $20 to $150 MM annually.

Ian co-founded SceneSharp Technologies in 2011, and as CEO he raised over $4 MM in investment and built a team of 15 people.