Kim Houlahan

Kim Houlahan, BFA
Marketing Development Specialist

A marketing consultant with over 28 years of experience, Kim’s past and current work includes strategic & tactical marketing communications specializing in online marketing: writing, editing, branding, website development, email marketing, social media, and online surveys.

She has worked with a wide range of successful companies and organizations including Cochran’s Country Market, The University of New Brunswick, The National Museum of Science & Technology, Crosby’s Molasses, Simply for Life, Imperial Theatre, Landing Clinic, and Shadow Lawn Inn.

Kim has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Photography) from the University of Ottawa. When she’s not keeping up with the ever-changing world of online marketing, Kim is playing hockey with the Moms in Gear, kayaking in the off season, driving back and forth between Saint John & Ottawa regularly and relishing the empty nest.