Our Coaches

Our Premium Coaching Roster

Our coaches are the best of the best. When you work with a V1 coach, you are working with elite professionals, accredited with International Coaching Federation certification –  most being a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). In addition to being highly credentialed, our roster of coaches brings a wealth of diverse experience that includes coaches who are former CEOs, award-winning entrepreneurs and lawyers.

Our team includes coaches with deep HR experience and includes Master Certified Coaches and PhD level HR experts, allowing us to customize our process to fit your specific organizational needs.

Additionally, all of our coaches are V1 certified, assuring they have been trained and are experts at using the V1 Coaching System and software. They receive ongoing, audited training in both the V1 Coaching System as well as all aspects of leadership coaching. Because our coaches receive ongoing coaching themselves, those benefits transfer directly to their clients.

As we like to say, “Beware the coach that has no coach.” All the assessments we use with our clients, we have also done ourselves.

Client confidentiality is guaranteed. We know that when clients feel safe in a non-judgmental environment, they feel free to take risks in their leadership work and ultimately see the greatest results.

Meet the Vision Coaches...

Dave Veale

Bruce McLeod

Angie Thompson

Marilyn Orr

Dr. Bill Howatt

Pam Thomas

Danae Johnson

Lianne Krakauer

Dora Nicinski

Lynn Richard

Brian Duggan

Diane Lloyd

Tyler Wier

Martha Sales

Dr. Kirk Blanchard

Heather Angel

Carol Gabanna

Sylvie Levesque-Finn

Danielle Miller

Stewart Pollard