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What Leadership Qualities should you be working on? 

FocusBy Dave Veale Earlier this month I read 5 Unforgettable Leadership Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs, an interesting article in Entrepreneur by Lewis Howes. Along with the ‘5 Unforgettable Leadership Qualities’, Howes references Emotional Intelligence (EI) which, if you’ve attended any of my workshops, you’ll know that I find a fascinating topic.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is defined by Psychology Today as ‘the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others.’ This is a simple definition of a very powerful concept that, if fully developed, can make a huge difference in yoursuccess as a leader. In his article, Howe casually mentions that he believes successful entrepreneurial leaders have high EI. I would imagine this is correct.

Most of us are familiar with Emotional Intelligence thanks to the research by Daniel Goleman – a psychologist and the bestselling author of Emotional Intelligence, which he wrote in 1995. Goleman’s groundbreaking research helped make the link between our intellect (IQ), our EI and being a successful leader (Entrepreneurial or otherwise). In his most recent book, Focus: The Hidden Ingredient in Excellence, Goleman makes yet another connection – this time between EI, the science of attention and the ability to produce extraordinary results.

If you don’t have time to read the book, please do yourself a favour and read Why professionals need focus, a Forbes interview with Goleman where he describes the three types of focus – ‘the hidden ingredients’ – that will help us excel in business and in life. Hope I kept your ‘focus and attention’!

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