Bob Westrope

Bob Westrope

Bob is a seasoned marketing-driven entrepreneur, inventor, change-agent and Certified Executive Coach with 30+ years of experience in the information, communications and entertainment sectors. An ardent evangelist for what he believes in, he’s convinced institutions and investors to invest in or commit over 55 million dollars to businesses he has founded and led.

He is a pragmatic founder/ visionary who understands firsthand the seduction of chasing an entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial ‘home run’, and the challenges and frustrations that can result. He has built and managed powerful technology, sales, marketing and operations teams in both Canada and Europe, and managed two successive boards as Chairman.

Known as an innovator, a visionary, and a capital ‘L’ Leader, Bob’s passion and focus is to help C-Suite executives discover, explore and ignite ideas that will make a difference to themselves, their organizations and their societies. He applies his experience and point of view to advise leadership (Chairman, CEO, COO, CMO and their direct reports) in both corporate and not-for-profit organizations to address emerging/rapid growth opportunities and the challenges that are consequent. He is especially interested in helping startups and established organizations wrestling with the leadership innovation challenges that are evidenced at key inflection points.

His purpose is to be an ‘Innovator Provocateur’ and his mission is to help individuals and organizations ‘Provoke the Actionable From The Intractable’.

Bob has a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching (CEC) from Royal Roads University’s Centre for Applied Leadership and Management – an ICF (International Coach Federation) accreditation.