Dave Stonehouse

Dave Stonehouse
Director of Communications & Marketing

A professional communicator for more than three decades, Dave has worked with a wide range
of organizations, from global enterprise to non-profit, to raise their profiles and help them
achieve their goals.

A strategic thinker, he combines strategy with research, audience insight, and the power of
words to propel awareness and success.

Dave has served as an adviser to CEOs in both the public and private sectors, and directed
media relations efforts for entire organizations.

His move to corporate communications came after a 25-year career as a nationally award-
winning writer and editor.

As a journalist, he wrote for a wide variety of newspapers and magazines in Canada, including
the Globe & Mail, National Post, Maclean’s, Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen and Vancouver Sun.
His work was syndicated around the world, appearing in leading publications in the United
States, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, the Czech Republic and elsewhere.

After moving to Canada’s East Coast, he served as business editor and then managing editor of
the New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal, where he earned two National Newspaper Awards for
coverage he spearheaded.

In addition to managing communications and marketing for Vision Coaching, Dave helps guide
the firm’s strategic initiatives.