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Coaching to Lead for HR Professionals

Human resources professionals today face a myriad of challenges – fighting the war for talent, supporting your organization in building engagement and accountability, increasing demands in supporting top leaders, among many other pressures.

On top of it all, it is estimated that more than 50% of senior leaders don’t trust that their talent development efforts are effective in addressing critical skills and organizational capabilities.

Amid all these pressures, how can you and your team support your organization in bringing about transformative, sustainable change in a way that builds commitment and fuels success?

Research shows basic coaching skills can be learned quickly. With our proprietary approach, not only will you learn to use coaching skills to become more effective as an HR leader, you will also learn how to effectively role model the coach approach to leading, multiplying the value this can bring to your team and organization.

Benefits & Outcomes

You will gain new insights and approaches to leading, including how to create exceptional results in:

  • Employee engagement
  • Building high-performance teams
  • Change management
  • Building capacity
  • Performance effectiveness

You will learn how to leverage the power of coaching, including:

  • Why a coach approach works in solving problems and enhancing performance
  • When to employ coaching vs. when to direct a solution or action
  • How to use an effective coach approach in dealing with others
  • How to leverage coaching to support leadership development with employees
  • The difference between coaching, mentoring and other approaches

Customized for Your Organization

No matter where you or your organization is at in the journey, Vision Coaching can help.

We tailor our services to each client, delivering customized solutions to meet their needs and goals. Coaching to Lead for HR Professionals is no different. Vision Coaching pioneered the program to help modern HR leaders meet the demands and expectations of today, and we deliver value in a variety of ways.  This includes:

  • Training for individuals or teams
  • Workshops or presentations
  • Auditing and advising a trusted consultant and partner
  • High-performance team or one-on-one coaching

What Our Clients Are Saying….

We conduct post-coaching surveys with the leaders we coach. The results tell us that more than 90 per cent find:

  • Coaching a good investment of their time
  • They became more productive from working with a coach
  • They are satisfied with the progress they made through coaching
  • They are reaching some or all of their leadership goals through coaching
  • Coaching made them a better leader

Coaching to Lead for HR Professionals gave us powerful tools to use as we evolve our leadership approach. With coaching an essential skill for both HR professionals and leaders, we are looking to engage Vision Coaching as we develop a coaching culture at many levels within our organization. With broad and deep experience in coaching and leadership-by-design, Vision is a trusted and credible partner for us in this important journey.”
– Denise Steeves, Learning & Development Specialist, Atlantic Lottery Corporation

Coaching to Lead for HR Professionals is cleverly straightforward and honest – an essential component of any HR leadership fundamentals program.  I trust Vision Coaching and its innovative approach to empowering today’s HR leaders and teams.”
– Sarah Jackson, President of Chartered Professionals in Human Resources, Saint John Chapter

Leading the Charge for Vision Coaching

Bruce McLeod, General Manager of Coaching Services, Vision Coaching
Bruce oversees Vision’s Coaching for HR portfolio of services. Over his career, he has worked as a top HR executive with various national and multinational firms, including as Global VP for HR. Along the way, he stumbled upon coaching – a life-altering discovery. It opened his eyes to his own lack of fulfilment and the power of coaching to transform lives and corporate cultures.

Credentialled as a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, Bruce serves on the faculty of Royal Roads University, which offers Canada’s premiere graduate Executive Coaching program. He is a co-developer of Royal Roads’ Creating Coaching Culture program, which he delivers from BC to Nova Scotia. Bruce knows first-hand what can be accomplished when skill and ability are fused with purpose and passion. He has the privilege of working with many who have seen dreams become reality, both for them and for their teams.

Dave Veale, Founder & CEO, Vision Coaching
Dave’s journey into coaching began more than 15 years ago as he worked as an advisor to HR leaders. While working closely with human resources professionals, it became clear to him that there was a need for leadership coaching at all levels of management in small, medium and large organizations – and Dave’s clients were asking him for coaching.

In response to this growing demand, Dave trained in executive coaching at Royal Roads University, received his professional coaching designation from the International Coach Federation, and in 2005 founded Vision Coaching Inc., which has emerged as one of Canada’s top leadership firms with a top roster of experienced, credentialed coaches who share Dave’s vision and passion for coaching leaders.

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