V1 Coaching System – Trusted Coaching. Measurable Results.TM

What makes the V1 Coaching System so effective?

Our revolutionary, automated, online coaching management system seamlessly combines our proven leadership coaching process with robust software, which allows the coaching process to be tracked and outcomes to be accurately measured.

The V1 Coaching System not only provides important metrics, it automates and provides structure to the one-to-one coaching process including:

  • Providing stronger coach and client matches
  • Providing baseline assessments of leadership style, goals and challenges
  • Monitoring the process to measure the value of coaching
  • Monitoring the experience between the individual coach and client
  • Offering a self-directed experience through a personal and secure online portal

V1 Coaching System focuses on visible results

How does the process work?

The V1 Coaching System combines premium coaches and a complete, automated online coaching software system that keeps leaders and coaches connected, progressing and benefiting – with measurable results.

Why Choose V1 Coaching?

The high caliber of coaches and the coaching framework creates trust, a safe place and anonymity for clients. This confidential relationship is essential to success. We offer open, honest, effective and measurable coaching that helps our clients make real change and progress in their careers and their lives.

With the V1 Coaching System, management benefits from a higher degree of reporting and, in fact, can track multiple coaching engagements, simultaneously, thanks to the online portal that functions as a dashboard.  

Our clients and their organizations appreciate and have benefited from the following:

  • Automated, cloud based software allows for remote delivery of service: this creates flexibility, saves time and makes it easy and convenient for coaching sessions. Get coached when you need it!
  • Full access coaching  delivered through a time-based retainer, combined with the V1 automated coaching system means coaching is available when needed.
  • Automated reporting  and progress status means information is available for clients and management throughout the process.